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Caleb Wilcoxson Aug 2012
May everyday be a celebration.
A celebration of the small amount of perspective time what we are allotted on this earth.
So love wildly, live boldly, and never look back.
Take in every moment and admire the magnitude of the gift you have been given.
Celebrate the lights, the sounds, and the senses you take for granted.
Caleb Wilcoxson Aug 2012
I am what I am
What I was, and what I have been.
I am forever changing, minutely static.
I live in each passing moment,
only to aspire for what my future holds,
all the while acknowledging my past.
Our condition is limiting, so we must live in our dreams.
My wishes, my fears, my ever changing attitude,
I allow myself the power of absolute observation.
Caleb Wilcoxson May 2012
Take away love and it's you and I
But put it back and our sentence is complete
A lasting idea, an emotion from within
With you I am whole, and on you I depend
This idea is molded and structured for two
Just three little words that stick like glue
Grammatically correct when two are one,
Joined by an action second to none.
Caleb Wilcoxson Nov 2011
To dream of dreams of dreadful sorts,
replacing ends with abundance of substance
for reluctance of ravishing rebels' tales.
The story of glory forever prevails
in the moments that pass in setting sails.
O' the mockery of labor on those Western rails.
A world untraced in forbidden trails.

The complex collaboration of conjunctive sorry hearts
pitches a feeling of ferocity and animosity
towards the generosity of the genocidal gender races.
When all they wanted was their "saving graces."
The unmarked tombs of those nameless faces.
Where were you when their race was wasted?
A race misplaced for the trending traces.

As I solemnly slip from the silhouette of sanity  
to sit and revel in revolutionary frames.
These games we play to tame the sun.
If tomorrow never comes, then what have we done?
We're fixed on the war that can never be won.
But if you sit this one out you will surely be shunned.
Now tell me my child, why is it you've come?
Caleb Wilcoxson Nov 2011
These are the days we live, breathe, and die for
So much to gain and so much to cry for.
Cherish the ones who cherish you too
Beloved are those, both humble and true.
In pain there is growth and renewal of life
If we could switch places, I'd bear your knife.
It's true, you know, how they say when you die
Your sould will move on and live in the sky.
I know you are happy and free to remain
And I hope for the day, I can see you again.
Caleb Wilcoxson Nov 2011
Come and rest your head upon mine,
I'll bury your woes and shelter your spine.
I've seen the troubles along your way,
Alas, it is time to let them lay.

Though your heart grows weak, your soul remains pure
If ever I grow ill, you would be my cure.
In comfort my heart reaches you still,
But in pain you chose me, instead of the pill.

In two, there is one, if one should exist,
If not, there is none, but only a mist.
Caleb Wilcoxson Nov 2011
In the quiet and still, nature came before us.
In pursuit of the thrill, nature came before us.
From the journey with the wave, nature came before us.
From the cross to the grave, nature came before us.

On a warm summer's night, nature came before us.
In expedition's of flight, nature came before us.
Under leagues of the seas, nature came before us.
To sacrificing tree's, nature came before us.
In a fiery blaze, nature came before us.
At the end of all days, nature comes before us.

(and then she spoke)

"Free me" she says, in the faintest tone
"I have offered myself, and my throne.
You've taken all I have, and still what I have not
My meek  and meager son, your mother left forgot."
The song of the redeemed is playing ins your head
A chance to save our mother, a rescue from the dead.
Set her will aflame, her prescence brought about,
Absence is, (just) things left without.
Faith is (just) believing, absent of all doubt.
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