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Jeff Gaines Jun 2018
"Hello, and good day; yes I'm ready to order.
I'd like a Big Mac ...
Oh, I want it on a tray
and not in a sack."

"I want a large fry, freshly dropped
with very light salt.
I'll also have a Chocolate Milkshake,
though I'd really prefer a Malt."

"OF COURSE, I want it super-sized,
are you trying to joke?
Waddia mean $8.50?
Well, now I've gone broke!"

He steps from the counter
and goes to sit down.
The food smells great ...
yet still, he frowns.

"I'll need a second job
if I wish to keep eating here.
I can't binge on these gut-bombs
and still have my beer."

"I wonder if there's an employee discount ...
as I've got the lingo down pat:
I have a Filet-O-Fish and a Coke on your order ...
Would you like some fries with that?"

If you don't know Temperal Fugue, go here:

If he hasn't hit your page with a comment ... stand by ... He will.
He isn't only a prolific writer (916 Poems at the time of this writing) ... he is also a prolific reviewer/reader of the poetry found here.

When I first encountered him, he had reviewed one of my works with a poem of his own. I arrogantly passed judgement that it was rude to "dump" your own lyric in a review as though it were a comparison to mine ... I didn't get it ... or him.

Then I began to see him doing this in most ALL his reviews and again, I thought it was pompous and rude ... AGAIN, I didn't get it ... or him.
I also began to laugh at how he always spoke in rhymes. I even had a laugh, while picturing a guy that ONLY spoke in rhymes ... ordering Mickey D's.

THAT was the inspiration for this funny ditty.

Then, as I read yet another of his reviews in rhyme form, I began to realize that's just his was of doing it. Just as David Letterman made "politically Incorrect" humor and sarcasm his own, Temporal Fugue had made rhyming reviews his own. This led me to his page and I was really touched, moved and impressed with his concepts and ideas as well as the way he uses rhyming whimsy just like me.

And NOW I get it.


BUT ...

I STILL couldn't stop picturing him going to McDonald's ...
And so this poem came to life. I hope when he (and you) read this, that he realizes that I did it in respect of him ... TOTAL respect. You have to admit, the idea, and the scene, is kinda funny. Can't you just picture the person behind the counter trying to play off the rhyming customer and act like everything is normal?

We here at HP should have a "Temporal Fugue Day" where we ALL go to McDonald's around the world and order in RHYME!

>>PLEASE<< go here! It is UNDERWAY!:


Good times.


TLK  Apr 2013
This Many No-ones
TLK Apr 2013
The lonely form crowds on the street. They collect at the corners, letting the whole world drown in their silence. They are a flashmob without the flash, and a mob that mobs no-one. Each of them is you, a someone you used to be, and therefore each of them is no-one. No-one did this, the blind Cyclops says; and this many no-ones have accusation enough to blind the sky.
These people have nobody and, so, slip through the cracks to end up collected at the edges of the drains. Corrugating in lines that jag up and down like the teeth of a zipper: swarming, dispersing, only to form again.  Chastised by the wind, like so much chaff; chaste and uncherished in mute inevitability.

These people have done are nothing and, so, ask you what you have done for them. What crime is it that they are thinking of? Each time that a shudder of revulsion at this injustice passes through the throng it bangs louder in your memory.

Who have you forgotten?
Prose poetry -- I attempt to explain what it is in my bio.
The stars did a flashmob
on this moon night
in full parking in the open,
Where each car have
a name star, galaxy,
asteroid, comet or a planet,
And the heart doing
a spatial symphony...

— The End —