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Terrifying as it is
Hunt you in your dreams
A nightmare that could make even
Tough President Duterte scream
The fat man is fat
And a white cell is white
But a dog-face cat
Is like batman is a bat
And a kitten that looks more like a rat
Don't mess with a dog-face cat
It might scratch you in the back
Or bite your neck like a vampire bat
And leave you unconscious like
A ****** mongoloid punched by
a drunk ****** brat
Remember the flawed face
It's from this earth and
not in outer space
Taxonomically confused race
A cat that called dog-face cat
Not a dog but really a very ugly cat
Remember the nightmarish name
Dog-face cat
Jibber jabber what?
Dog-face cat!
marvin m brato Oct 2018
Better Philippines.. Go Federalism Now!

R oad to a new Republic of the Philippines
o nward to the era of Federalism government
d ays are gone when power is handled by the few
r ich pen become richer and the poor even poorer
i t's time our country will be run by a man with a vision
g overn the Philippines according to the will of the majority
on the basis of basic rights and privileges as local citizens.

R eal leader is someone who stands for the people
o n the realization of their basic needs and ambitions
and who leads by example and can implement the laws.

D uterte is the man of the hour
u nder Federalism form of government
t he local government can obtain bigger budget
e xtracted from its own income and tax collection
r ealistic projects of the LGU can be materialized
t hen better and faster urbanization will implemented
end the corruption and criminality, support the President!

— The End —