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Mr. Trump,
supposedly president of the United States
with three milllion fewer votes than your opponent
thanks to the GOP-rigged electoral colleges

after your speech
at the General Assembly of the United Nations
     for which you apparently
     had a better ghostwriter than usual
     and stuck to the script

I have had it, nevertheless!

you refuse to honor
international agreements
from the Iran nuclear deal
to the international postal service agreement

your sanctions create even more misery
in the countries from which
the refugees at the U.S. southern border
come to escape the terror at home

you destroy long-term international agreements
shouting „America first“
destabilizing politics and the global economy
and long-term alliances

      just to demonstrate
      that you can do it
      because you are now
      the president

not even to mention
all the silly and detrimental orders
you issue at home
to lift climate regulations
     or  pollution laws
     or the protection of national parks
      etc. etc.

I have had it!

with your erratic agenda
your great alien friends
    Putin  Duterte  Modi Erdogan
    and the Saudi Princes, etc. etc.
who help you win your elections

I live in a small country
at the heart of Europe
and I sincerely resent
     to suffer
from your *******-up version
of nationalist identity politics

so I suggest
YOU go home
where you
     and your ancestors
      came from

and I sincerely hope
that the German immigration officers
will act according to the rules
your ICE applies
to the refugees from
Middle America
Terrifying as it is
Hunt you in your dreams
A nightmare that could make even
Tough President Duterte scream
The fat man is fat
And a white cell is white
But a dog-face cat
Is like batman is a bat
And a kitten that looks more like a rat
Don't mess with a dog-face cat
It might scratch you in the back
Or bite your neck like a vampire bat
And leave you unconscious like
A ****** mongoloid punched by
a drunk ****** brat
Remember the flawed face
It's from this earth and
not in outer space
Taxonomically confused race
A cat that called dog-face cat
Not a dog but really a very ugly cat
Remember the nightmarish name
Dog-face cat
Jibber jabber what?
Dog-face cat!
marvin m brato Oct 2018
Better Philippines.. Go Federalism Now!

R oad to a new Republic of the Philippines
o nward to the era of Federalism government
d ays are gone when power is handled by the few
r ich pen become richer and the poor even poorer
i t's time our country will be run by a man with a vision
g overn the Philippines according to the will of the majority
on the basis of basic rights and privileges as local citizens.

R eal leader is someone who stands for the people
o n the realization of their basic needs and ambitions
and who leads by example and can implement the laws.

D uterte is the man of the hour
u nder Federalism form of government
t he local government can obtain bigger budget
e xtracted from its own income and tax collection
r ealistic projects of the LGU can be materialized
t hen better and faster urbanization will implemented
end the corruption and criminality, support the President!

— The End —