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D Letwixt Oct 2018
Melodious moonlight thy clear liquid spreads
painting all in lavender hue
and moistening lips wait for the kiss of your words, muse
You sing through her parted lips your cryptic hymns and poetry,
words wound together in strange nightly meter
that twist together and shift like tree limbs tangled
and petals cast down the stream

To bathe in the rippling water
and wait for clarity to wash away the rough edges of the mind
let the stones become smooth
and mind like bowstrings, taughtened.

But the crowds protest in collective indignation
all members chained together by common trepidation
lest altars crack under the weight of strange words
and the diety's light grows dim
they sharpen what was dull and loose arrows in laughing mirth
into bodies' crooked minds uninhibited and feet unshackled

The ones in the crowd yell with groans and laughter
but they groan also with the pain of what is constant death and birth... they are resigned to their tradition's lies
and perish ten thousand times.
Nascent generations yell out in incredulity until voices become hoarse and skin turns gray, resign themselves to murmur their insolence in dreams as they whither slowly away.

But the one who, in nighttime, sings
and bestowed by muse's mind, from human lips part
words and strange poems spoken blaspheme
will live but once and one day rest
by the shifting branches and on grass by trickling stream
and not by chain's clanking arrest.
Matt Shaw Jan 19
The human operation
Unholy truths
The utilitarian view
The evolutionary science of empathy,
Collectivism, tribe.

The philosophy of love,
The crooked trident of justice,
Did any artist ever render it right?
Knowing has changed us
The unknown is what keeps us tethered

Tethered to insanity,
Which must have something to do with death
The open-ended
Eno Sep 25
Surrounded by people
Who choose disconnection
As a means of life

- Oh how the beauty of human
Is wasted on you!

And through you
A waste of skin
On a planet that requires
Strong collectivism
To solve
It’s complex problems

We will go out of existence
Before you raise
Your hand to help!

Move your eyes
From the TV screen
To the dying nature
Of everything
Screaming out for your help
As you stew in ignorance

— The End —