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J M Surgent
New England    Writer, photographer, burrito advocate. I also write short stories. Check those out here:
Matthew Bourgeois
Iowa, Louisiana    I like music. And poetry. And...stuff...
Thomas Burge
18/M/England    I've shared a story though my poems, my story is yet to be complete
Jessica Burgess
I'll be writing until I can't write anymore. It's a compulsion with me. I love writing. ~J.K Rowling
I have written poetry since I started loving. To not express ones self is to cease to exist. I write when emotion drives me; to ...
The Thaumaturge
the 7th circle    don't trust birds.
Rosie Burger
30/F/South Africa    I want to reignite my love for writing poetry. The poems I have published so far were all written in my high school years.
Marci Mareburger
I was held down by a force so powerful that it must have been the hand of God himself.
Nicholas Burge
21/M/South Point, OH    Future world traveled educator and even sooner go outsider
Garrett Burger
23    From my soul, a perspective. Inviting you to view the gallery, often the words are even new to me. Not knowing what is being written, ...
Charlotte Burgess
I find I always have to write something on a steamed mirror.
I'm new to the online poetry world.
Brett Burger
I'm a horrible poet but I don't care. This is my way of getting my feelings out. If you don't like...well I really don't give ...
Austin, TX    hahaha i am good at erwitintg words ahhahaaha
Raquel Burge
An attempt
Neosho, MO   

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