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Jessica Burgess Jul 2017
The silence slowly kills me
Reminding me that I'm alone
The silence is killing me
For I have no body

I'm alone
I'm in pain
I can't help but to cry
The tears fall
From my sparkling eyes
For I'm hurt
And scared

I can't tell what the future holds
But it's definitely becoming cold
Let me live
Let me fight
Let me in to the light

Let me sound
My voice away
Until I break this silent day
It's just me
I'm alone
Let me go
Back my light
Back to my happiness

More old drafts
Jessica Burgess Jul 2017
I've fought this battle for so long
I'm tired of fighting
Can this be over
So I can be happy
Is that even possible
I'm questioning

This battle should be over
It's leaving me wounded
I can't heal myself
I am broken
I cry out into the silence
For I am alone
In this war

I can't fight this anymore
I'm weak
And I'm broken too
Someone please put me in too
The light where I once was
The light where I miss
The light that was taken by my demons
Which lurk in the dark
another old poem
Jessica Burgess Jul 2017
I've fallen down
I've fallen in
To the old me
To who I used to be
I have become
The person I wish I wasn't
I tried so hard
I tried for so long
To keep the past out of my life

But I've fallen down
I've fallen in
A portal has been opened
It's made me fall
So far to the ground
I've fallen in my past
I've found

That was the person I had hoped was long gone
Turned out she was waiting for my life to go wrong
Now that it has I've fallen in
I can't come
For I'm too deep in
Some old drafts
Jessica Burgess Jul 2017
Poetry has always been a habit of mine
I used to write whenever I had time
I drifted away from this passion so quickly
I quite miss the words falling together
It's how I express myself
So I don't keep everything inside
I let strangers read my feelings
And suddenly I wish to hide
In a deep black hole
Where I cannot be found
My words may mean nothing to you
Though the words have feelings as well
As I begin to write these poems my brain begins to swell
Hoping to get the flowing perfect
That doesn't 't seem to happen often
I've forgotten my creativity
But never the passion for writing
I've always enjoyed the writing
Essays or stories may vary
I use to write poems
Although I feel my emotions are scary
I don't wish to be normal
I prefer to be inimitable
I don't wish to grow up
However I am quite mature
My studies and interests change quite often
For I change my mind quickly
Trying to decide which choice
Would make my life better
Poetry I've miss you dear
Writing I have returned here
Jessica Burgess Apr 2017
As the teacher yells
I look at the others faces
And I can tell
The majority of them don't care
The teacher tries to better us
And all you hear is snares
The others laugh and joke
The teacher yells
She even threatens to
Call home and tell their parents
They think she's being funny
She tries her best to mature us
No one seems to realize
The power that she possesses
Jessica Burgess Apr 2017
J-ust another person
E-xcited to write
I- ntelligent
Just a few words in my name to describe me
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