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Will you love me,
Love me like those nights you forgot I existed?
That’s all the love I will ever need from you now..
I can’t remember when it started again
But I no longer remember how to smile.

I’ve forgotten the taste of a good meal,
the joy of the morning breeze,
the feeling of waking up with purpose.

I walk, but I have no direction,
I sail, with no wind behind me,
I drive, but my tank is empty,
I run, but I wear bricks for shoes.

There is nothing to console me now,
no road I can walk,
no path I can take
               I am lost
               I am changed
               I am...     gone
You were the answer
that made me forget all of the questions.

Now you are gone
there’s nobody left to explain why..
If life were in fact defined upon the choices we make, I would remember.

If it were my soul and my love for you at stake, I would remember.

If the darkness were to come and the light drew dim, I would remember.

If I were to stand face to face with death and survival looked slim, I would remember.

If you forget me and all that we have done, I want you to remember.
If I was as wise as I was foolish..
I would have known I was wrong.
I wish you could hear my silence...

But it would appear.. love has fallen on deaf ears
You looked into my eyes
And saw yourself looking back,
You corrupted me, wholly, fully until your demons were my own..
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