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Jurgen Mar 2012
Untamed and raw
Feels free
Not functional
Yet real and rugged
Pure and true

Raw is real
Rugged's untamed
If I was another
Would I be the same?
Jurgen Jan 2012
We should have seen the warnings
We should have seen the signs
But you were out there drinking
Getting red from wine

I know I should have been there
We could have had a laugh
You were the life and soul, dear friend
Your time on earth has passed

I wish I could have helped you
You know I really care
As we'll bury you on Monday
On Monday I'll be there

To your favourite song we'll march you
From hearse through the door
I know you'll be there watching
In our hearts for'ver more!
Jurgen Jan 2012
The hills play with the clouds
then in thunderous spasm
the heavens erupt
and the rain fills the chasm
Jurgen Jan 2012
The big man is gone...

He slipped into night,
carried away to sky
Stop the clocks;
stand still,
His memory never may die

He remains in our hearts,
in our minds
His name
will forever ring true
He's sailed away
to a different place
One day,
once again
with you

*One day...
                   Once again...
                                           With you!
Jurgen Jan 2012
Shagri-La* (Lhasa);
now ruined
Jurgen Jan 2012
Instant thought
Chased quickly
Glanced jot brained
Skimmed through

hit R E T U R N

Jurgen Jan 2012
from    the    white    creamy
head   that   winks   at   me
with foaming heavenly froth
to the rising bubbles which,
kiss my lips all smooth
Oo I cherish thy kisses
and flavour behold

*A perfect pint of the
famous black gold!
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