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18/F/Pennsylvania    Contemporary, modern poems for our world, right now.
25/F/smalltown, Ohio    “She was told, of course, not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. But she did look back, and I ...
Lydia Victoria Kate
20/F/Cornwall    The simple things in life are all I need.
Lydia Hirsch
lydia inez melendez
27/F/Outer Space    Lydia Inez
Lydia Cooper
New York, NY    I'm not accountable for my past, or my future.
Lydia Ann
canada    your lips are the ocean and I want to drown (◕‿◕✿)
Lydia Manson
Joplin, MO    Lydia. 17. Lesbian. I like to write, so enjoy some poetry.
Lydia E
Illinois    Sometimes I wish there was more than "this." Then I realize that our minds have no limits.
22/F/Lacrosse, WI    A musician writing her own story. I don't like to write music to my own words.
Lydia Brents
Lydia Samantha
And when everything feels like it's getting to be too much and I'm curled up alone on my bed with tears streaming down my face, ...
Lydia B
PDX    Northern California born 'n' raised. I come from a town with a butter 'n' eggs day parade. Unofficially majoring in body (as art material, as ...
Lydia YQ
+65    Find out more about me through bits and pixels, scraps and ink. @lydsiewydsie //
lydia S
Um, looking for some feedback on my poems. Hopefully their progressing and improving. I love to read and write. Nothing much to say really. Sylvia ...
I love to travel. I want to study abroad in Ireland. I love writing poems, drawing, playing/learning instruments and singing. I have an awesome job ...
14/Gender Fluid/USA   
Plantation, Florida    :)
Lydia Morris
Vermont    Raawr...

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