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Andy KittySmasher
Pittsburgh    Just waiting to call myself, my own
Kitty Prr
Auckland, New Zealand.    I won't be coming on here anymore. I am going to become semi-reclusive. I will leave the account active with my existing posts.
107/Cisgender Female   
kitty hart
17/F    my heart is worth more to anyone than they realize
Non ya   
20    Art is a way of survival! Someone that have a lot to say but in the most unusual rhymes and poems. ~May the words always ...
Kitty Parson
Kitty Parson was born at home in an unextraordinary ranch house in the Pacific Northwest. After Kitty was kidnapped at a young age, her mother ...
Kitty bow
England    If I didn't write I would have exploded by now.
Kitty Lam
Vietnam    We're all chosen to live in this world for a reason. Life is short . So live well. :)
Kitty Oost
Hamartia: fatal flaw
tulsa    I'm getting married to the love of my life • rip Kat 11/18/15
F    Hi! I'm Kat, I am a Chistian, JESUS FREAK! all are welcome. Psalm 46:1
bangalore    kittyworx google it
25/F/Barbados    I write what I feel in that particular moment. It might be sadness, happiness, anger or frustration, but they are honest words from my heart. ...
San Antonio, Texas    I'd prefer to keep myself anonymous. I'm not a good writer; I just enjoy expressing my thoughts & feelings through poetry. Feel free to explore ...
Panakitty 20
Well pain and sorrow trigger the best of poems Where love is supposed to come and save the day
London    Slightly awkward and outcast but being yourself is better than blending in with the crowd.
Mari Kitty
Kitty Swiatkowski
Most of my recent poems will most likely be about my boyfriend, I occasionally write some horror fiction or society based poems. I'm pretty boring ...
52/F/Australia    I'm Just Me Me Myself I

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