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kitty hart Mar 2021
My poems I find
They bring me peace
The words fall
All into place.

It helps me to cope
It helps me see
That some days
I just need to be me.
kitty hart Mar 2021
this is a simple poem
I decided to make
my great aunt is in the hospital
for heavens sake.

im writing her a letter
hoping she gets it soon
I love her so much
hopefully before that afternoon
kitty hart Mar 2021
She tells me to stop ad smell the roses
She tells me to take the smell of them all in
so I do so

Soon I cut her a flower
I give it to her
I then tell her
You stop and smell
kitty hart Jan 2021
My flowers they bloom
bloom in spring
die in winter.

there is one flower
one I enjoy most
I put on in the vase and enjoy its company

violets are pretty
as well as tulips
blue roses are my favorite

this might be because I would lay in them
everyday like a kid in snow
or maybe its because they show me where to go
kitty hart Jan 2021
Walking through the mucky trench
The sound of the duckboards creaking under my feet
I think to myself why this is happening
Why I am here

I hear the men shouting behind me
I see the people getting some rest in the dug outs
Commanders shouting orders as men go up and over the parapet
Yelling as they run into no man’s land

The sound of gunfire and explosions
They sound so distant to me
I try to block the sound of men in agony in the communication trench
the agony of the blood pounding in my ears driving me forward

I stand next to a man who I consider my best friend down in the trenches
He looks over at me and gives me a thumbs up
I hope to myself that this will all be over soon
I hope that I will be able to make it

At that moment before we left
The world stood still
Everything was quiet
Birds sung a song of hope in the distance

However that doesn’t last long
My heart begins to pound as I hear the whistle blow making us move forward
We climb up the ladders and over the sandbags
We run into battle

We cross over the barbed wire
Some getting caught
Others helping others over
The sound of my flesh taring as it glides by a sharp edge

I think about my wife
My daughter
Sitting at home in sadness as the wonder
Will I make it

I hold tight to my helmet
The men around me yell as they fire their guns
Some not as lucky
I look back seeing the last of the brave people running behind me

The constant gunfire no longer making my ears ring
I hold onto the cross that was in my hand
The man beside me is wounded and down
But my feet compel me forward

My friend from before was caught in a fire
I run to him hoping to save his life
All he told me was to keep going
I left him alone to die there

I continue to run as more and more solders are shot down
And in a moment of realization a land mine was set off
I was thrown into the air about ten feet
And in the one last second I was alive
I felt the presence of my father telling me everything was alright
I wrote this poem for my Modern history class
kitty hart Jan 2020
I sit there watching the clock
Wondering if time will ever stop.
Sitting there
With a blank stare,
Looking at the clock.
kitty hart Jan 2020
Ever sense that day I cant say the word,
It pains me when I hear it,
Because I was not heard.
I hated that guy,
So much it pained,
I kept saying it and saying it,
And now it remains.

The thoughts that go through my head,
They jump around,
But I still can't shake his laughing sound.
I had a bad experience last year and one of the ways I cooped was with poems
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