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DaddysKitty Nov 2017
They say love is like spring.
A breath if life if you will.

They say love is innocent.
Like a small puppy.

They also say love is pain.
They also say love is sorrow and regret.
Nothing good will ever come from it they say.

In the right hands love is everything.
Love isn't going to be painless.
Love is going to leave you with some regret.

But think about it..
Back when the world made since.
Back when we were all younger and the thought of love was years in the future.
What if love was both pain and innocence?
Like the morning laughter of small children playing tag without a worry in the world.
And small arguments over irrelevant things.

Love is all the seasons.
It's cold like winter.
It's crisp like fall.
It's fiery hot like summer.
It's fresh like spring.
Love is literally everything if you want it to be.
Samm- I apologize for how everywhere this was. My mind had so many ideas going and they all are just thrown into this

— The End —