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Penmann  Jun 2019
Marie Kondo
Penmann Jun 2019
Smile your Marie Kondo smile on me-
Just smile and pretend it can be done
She is a tank against common sense. Invasion of clear mind.
I never tidy up, my life's a mess.
Marie Kondo though makes me feel even less.
Completely disarmed my will to feel.
Megan Zhao Dec 2015
I'm reading a book today
by marie kondo, a Japanese girl
"the life-changing
magic of tidying up"
it's that time of the year again
to tidy things up
to clean
and put things in order
according to miss marie  
a failure to return
things to where they belong
an attachment to the past
or a fear for the future
tidying is a dialogue
one's self
and there are only
a few simple rules to follow
in revamping:
discard first
store later
sort by category
not by rooms
vertical storage
ultimate simplicity
no change of seasons....
but first
please treat each thing
you own as a living subject
touch it with your hand
and ask
"does it spark joy?"
if it does, keep it
If not, dispose of it
listen to your feeling
keep only those things
that speak to your heart
then take the plunge
discard the rest relentlessly
what you want to own
is how you want to live
letting things go is more
important than adding up
I used
half day to read the book
half day to rest and sleep
nothing was done in the house
nothing was done yet
I'll do it tomorrow
before new year comes