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  Jan 2015 Quiet
I'd open with a Dear or Love
I think I'd say I love you
But the truth is not between your lungs
The truth is high above you
The days of late we have converged
Inside the smallest room
I'd glance at you and hear you laugh
Her face would bring me gloom
I've wanted to say this for some time
I've felt it even longer
But with each darkened day that falls
My lips become weaker, not stronger
I use this letter to save my lips
From letting certain secrets slip
And use my fingers to write you this
Though I doubt you'll read it
The thought of holding you to me
Brings me these pleasant shudders
But when I think to ask you for it
Only silence my lips sputter
You are all I've asked for
But not what I thought I'd need
I've never been one to follow
The rules I do not heed
I imagined you much different
But with still the same wonder
You're caliber of similarity
Has torn my head asunder
Your beauty has no ends it seems
Though you do not uphold it
You only show it when you sing
And it alights my spirit
I've know you all my life in dreams
My patience broken like a bough
If I told you, you might appear confused
And you might ask me how
I'd smile sweetly and sit you down
Then it would never be the same
After I said I'd known you all my life
But I had never known your name
Quiet Jan 2015
You say you accept us?

Why the hell do you use 'that's gay' as an insult if you're so accepting?

And when are you going to learn that there's more than just gay and straight. Just like there's more than black and white, and there's more than ignorance, though I rarely see it!

And if you think the word '******' is ok, then walk away because we're gonna have a problem.

You have it so easy.

Do we walk around asking you why you chose to be straight?

Should we?



You don't.

And I may be wrong, but has anyone ever slit their throat because someone was like 'oh, you're straight'?

Probably not, right?

So get out of my face unless you're going to accept us, because there shouldn't even be a question about this! We just like different people.

Stop making us afraid, stop using our sexuality as a weapon, stop questioning us, just stop.
Inspired by Denice Trohman's slam poem.

And also by Leelah Alcorn's suicide. Rest in power.
  Jan 2015 Quiet
Tonight is for the lonely people
With stale cigarettes on their lips
Watching the  world
With heavy eyelids
  Jan 2015 Quiet
Daniel Mashburn
We're buying cheap regrets like cigarettes in the name of a love that we would just forget. And everything I ever said was everything I ever meant.

From spelling bees to drama queens. Could we serve no purpose in between? Everybody's standing still with all eyes on me.

And I say 'Everybody's doing fine. It's salt and vinegar in time. You can lay your head and you can weep but we both know you'll never sleep.'

Now these lazy days will fade away, victims of lonely razor blades. Slashing through our only hopes and glory fades away and I say

Beautiful metaphor, how you've saved my life a thousand times before but when will we ever realize we're self absorbed?
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