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 Oct 2014 Samber Saenz
Haydn Swan
We are the virus,
The disease ridden art of perfection,
eroded by a cancerous cyst,
turned a whiter shade of pale,
paper thin beauty in a beholders eye,
stifled laughs through blackened lungs,
drip fed tears through a wrinkled skin,
we see our dust start to fall,
prelude turns to interlude,
our truth and destiny,
the moth eaten robes of a transient soul.
the disintegration of the human form, old age.
 Dec 2013 Samber Saenz
Lara M
You are elements in my chakras
funny because you're a pisces
and what are you doing in my fire silly fish
Sometimes i want to turn on the flames and rid myself of you for good
the thin line between love and hate
Keeps on flickering
for you
such feeble human emotions those are.

I'm sure that if i were to erase all of my memories of you i'd come across this absence and emptiness
i've been torn apart inside because of you for so
Long now i don't know how i'd feel without that thorn in my side
you once drew me a beautiful rose with the morbidity of a poison inside
Do you remember that?
you must
you are the beautiful rose and i am the dangerous thorn.

Your hands like tiny pocket knives
all crashing into me at once when your skin meets mine
Your eyes like ice water being splashed upon my face and forced into my nose
fluorescent amber stones that **** me
Your hair like the comfort of a protectant blanket
with it's cool touch almost hovering above my reach
A magnet in the form of an innocent teddy bear
your words akin to the sounds you so desperately want to hear to break a silence
To me like a drug and lately i have gone into relapse from their sheldom return
my heartbeat like that of a hummingbird
You, like a shot of adrenaline.

'cause i feel like i've been torn into four sharp pieces
when i saw that i didn't know how to handle it
I thought this day wouldn't come this soon and i have got to tell you my dear you have succeeded
in breaking me once again
The only way i can explain this particular pain is if someone were to take the shard of glass left in me
by you and then continue to put it back in deeper
I just want to scream and cry all whilst telling you how much i miss you and the terrible
ache in my chest has grown
My beautiful little heartache
has a name.

That name resonates in the drum line of my chest and boils my blood until i feel as if i were to pass out
I want to hate you so passionately
as much as i love you,
the tightrope i am balancing on keeps on tilting
From side to side and it won't make up it's mind
will it let me fall already or stay up in the air
watching everything i care about from below
Slowly dissentigrate into oblivion
oh no darling, i know you do not care
or wish to here my helpless plead
For you to see just how much i want you
my little muse
the fire within my brain.

Don't think i want to write about you anymore
you don't deserve that power any longer
or the power to hold this grief over me
I need to get this leash off of my cerebral cortex
but alas i write so i am not a sobbing mess
my most beloved downfall
I loved you first.

Je veux juste vous dire que je vous aimerai pour toujours.
I desire to slip my feet into your cool waters
taste your salty skin on my tongue
I want you in a way that removes all my strength from me

I think you might be summertime
You're tall grass on the bottoms of my feet
You are a sonnet
You're a tall oak tree, branches tugging at my hair
You are a symphony
I long to touch your starry skies,
see the stars in your eyes
I kept a log of your summertime smiles
But there was also your summer rain
It fell from your eyes for miles
Nothing ever changed but me

I think you might be a boat
You were so good at driving away
You warned me that first night
when you snuck in through my bedroom window
I should have known better
I just should have known
I was just hoping, hanging onto every word
that fell from your satin lips
Hoping that you'd put out your anchor
Stay awhile at my docking station
But you sailed away again
into the midnight rain again

"Danger is my middle name"
you said
I believed it
I have to close my eyes so I can breathe again
Prayed to God I'd see you again
I haven't seen you yet.
 Jan 2013 Samber Saenz
On the eve of the
    time when I saw
          you in lights
              there arises a feeling of aging

      am I yours, are you mine, there we
                   are holding hands spending
                       time that will let us (someday
                                    we'll settle down)
another year,
        another number written
                  on a sleeping page
             (they've gone and shaken awake every
                      dreaming soul to ask them what
                                    it is you could be calling
                                                         ­ me to say)

  talk about the house that we will
                    buy and decorate to
                              be our home

(I like to picture us there on our own)
                        it keeps me focused
                        and warms my bones
        look how we've grown
 Oct 2012 Samber Saenz
Tonight I begin the actual

the one hundred and fifty percent commitment to
everything worthwhile

and you, dear

     are at the top of that list

— The End —