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Tyler Froes Aug 2016
I'm stuck in a hole
I wonder whether climbing the wall
Is worth it at all
I think I'd probably just fall
It's hard
Even to start
If I make it out
I may be admired
But without a doubt
After a while I'll get tired
Till I can't go anymore
And I fall to the floor
One day
I hope to hear a tin
And these words to ring:
"It rubs the lotion on its skin
or else it gets the hose again"
So I know this is someone else's crazy thing
And not just my mind caving in
Silence of the lambs inspired
Tyler Froes Aug 2016
Remember when we were younger
Talking about our lives
About how we'd be rich
About who'd be our wives
Fueling the fire
Which was built up with lies

I thought I wanted tall,
Blonde with blue eyes
One I could protect
Who needed to be held as she cries
But I've seen this facade
And how it's just lies
Because I had feelings
For someone with different ties

This kind is hard to find
Makes you lose control of your mind
So different from what you wanted
But honestly, you don't mind
And once she's found,
She's hard to give up
The pressure makes you slip up
**** up
Making her harder and harder to forget
Making you do something you regret

Like thinking about love

If you still think this is about the girl
And how "she's so pretty"
And "I wish she felt the same"
Then you are mistaken
It's a completely different game
It's the pain you give yourself
When you don't know who to blame
The frustration from wanting
But not having
Thinking all the same
As people who have it worse
All because a girl doesn't remember your name
How can you be happy
When your best quality is shame

So yeah you get upset
Anxious too, but that you forget
Until you meet another girl
Who's into you
Like the girl was who will never love you

"Why did she leave?"
"What did I do wrong?"
"How can I fix this?"
Becomes your most common song
So you forget about the new
And you start to lose hope
You abuse the new's trust
Just so you can cope
Till the horse from up high
Brings the old down from the sky
To you where your hearts start to fly
And are strong together without having to try
All the way
Till the day you die

This is when
You'll wake up from your dream
And understand where you've been
When you discover the culprit
Of all the pain and everything that comes with it
Was you all along
Makes you wonder
If life's worth all the ****?
Tyler Froes Aug 2016
Walking through the shadows
I’m the only spec of colour in the void
I can see people are there
I can see them talking
I can’t see them
Silhouettes in the night
I walk towards them
Hoping their image is shown
But the further I walk
The farther the shadow stretches
I see colour in the distance
I know the figures well
I love the figures
But they talk
How? The shadows reply
How? I walk closer
What? They move with the shadows
I run.
I run.
They go
They’re gone with the shadows
Lonely spec of colour
Left to wonder
Lonely spec
Tyler Froes Sep 2015
Help me, help me...
Who am I talking to?
I need help can't you see
What do I expect someone to do?

The hunters are camouflaged
Lonely as a mallard
I could try fly
Hoping to avoid their eye
Or I could just walk
Then maybe they won't talk

Talk about me
And what they think they know
This mallard can't fly
The pity of its lifeless body
Would, in its grave, make it roll
It would be brave to fly
And Avoid the barrage of bullets
But how could it try
When that could be it's life

Although The mallard is not afraid to die
He can't bare the thought of the pity
For to fly and die
Is many a mallards life
But to fly,
and feel the pity from a watchers eye
As it lies there
Incapable of showing it's ability to fight
Is a death of its soul
Not just it's life
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
The swamp’s where the wild things wallow
Where lies are common and promises are hollow
With so many choices who do we follow?
Do we vote for an ogre with a shower as a head
Or do we vote for the donkey who’s inexperienced instead?
This tower we live in
Is going to be our eternal grave
That knight we’re hoping to win
Is just another of the dragons slaves…
Tucked away in never never land
Is our hidden saving grace
We haven’t been banished or lost
The fact is that there is no such place
Here the gingerbread has knives
Prince charming has hives
And the cat doesn’t have nine lives
Because the cat is dead
Locked up in my basement
For me to do my black magic with
And drink my tonic
To end this bubonic
So that critters can frolic
Free in my mind
To plant my seed in time
But still know
That it will never grow
Because there’s something many dont know
And that’s I don’t have the ability
To create any seed with fertility
Therefore my beanstalk has no validity
As that golden egg from the goose in the infinity
Shows that the goose may be a trinity
But to say there’s a golden egg
Is just a fallacy…
South Africa and its Politics
Tyler Froes - 30 May 2015
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
I once had a dog
His name was Jerry
He was so cute
So big and so hairy
But he died and that’s all I can say
Still Life goes on in a mysterious way

I once played soccer
I had a lot of fun
I made so many friends
And had a good run
But soccer ended with many hopes and dreams
I lost all those friends but it’s just another of life’s schemes

I once was happy
Nothing felt so good
But life got real
The way that it should

I don’t know when I’ll be happy again
But I really hope it comes soon
I don’t know how much more I can handle
But even then
It would just end with “I once was” too…
Tyler Froes - 30 May 2015
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
There was a man named Ty
He was a Jack of all trades
But like any other average Joe
He had his own Achilles’ heel
In his mind Elvis had left the building
To say he was as happy as Larry
Is a big no way, José
It was elementary my dear Watson
What you have seen is not the real McCoy
Alas, poor Ty! You thought you knew him well, Horatio…
But now Daniel has come to judgement
And the only place Ty would be happy
Is down in Davy Jones’ locker…
Tyler Froes - 30 May 2015
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