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585 · Apr 2020
i wish
Katherine Apr 2020
I wish i wanted more out of living, than death.
this isn't very much of a poem but i thought i'd share it anyways.
245 · Jan 2020
different numbers
Katherine Jan 2020
thinking in single digits is easy because i know what it adds up to,
every day is the same shade of grey
but you give me a million different numbers and a brand new set of colors
thanks for changing the way i see everything
134 · Nov 2020
Severity (TW)
Katherine Nov 2020
I'm worried about you

you say "it's not bad, it's only scratches"
"they don't even begin to match his"

but whether you deserve help is not measured by
the depth or the size of the scars on your thighs

it'll only get worse
this addiction is a curse

please get the treatment you need
maybe then you can finally be freed

end this this cycle of suffering
try to start recovering

you are worth it
haven't posted in a long time but here; a reminder that you are loved <3
107 · May 2020
my mess
Katherine May 2020
my emotion is a mess that i can't express
so i'll just suppress deep in my chest
the mess that i'm not ready to address
i'm afraid
I tried to do something new
105 · May 2020
cake (sugar free)
Katherine May 2020
i will cut a slice of my vanilla frosting skin so sweet for you, my dear
i will share myself with you
show you each layer
you learn to love the flavour
develop a craving

a sweet tooth

now a cavity,
you cut loose.
when there was a problem and it was you or me
you went to the dentist
now you'e happy,
sugar free
34 · Jun 2020
happier without me
Katherine Jun 2020
i think about how happy he is without me
and wonder

would everyone else be too?
(note: I am not in danger of harming myself)

— The End —