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Sabrina Nov 2018
He's mean you see
He's a murderer
   He killed a young girl
       No one knows but me
Her smiled melted hearts
She lit up the room
       But now she's gone
All that's left is gloom
No one has noticed
  They just don't care
             She's gone in the worst
        Yet there's happiness in the air
Smirk on his face
She will never be free
He killed the girl
The girl i used to be
  Jul 2016 Sabrina
Phone freezes,
27 seconds ago,
You message me,
But we quickly go,

Is there a better word for almost?
Whatever it is it's us,
From nothing to something,
In the space of a dusk,

I lied but it was only to get the truth,
You must understand that,
Anyway you won't know,
We were done in 27 seconds flat.
This is getting to be quite fun! I hope you like this... Whoever you are. It's more love, isn't it?
Sabrina Nov 2015
One day you'll
                     Meet someone
Who doesn't
                     Care about your
Past because
                They want to
Be with you
                   In your future.
Sabrina Nov 2015
I an alone
So very lonely
I injured
very badly
But i ignored
Just thrown away
I am safely
For others to have
I am alone
There is no one close
No one knows the pain
I cry...
Hope is gone
I am alone
And no one sees
Sabrina Nov 2015
Someday you'll cry for me
Like i cried for you
Someday you'll miss me
Like i missed you
Someday you'll need me
Like i needed you
Someday you'll love me
But i wont love you
Sabrina Nov 2015
Sleepy eyes
Boney knees
falling upward/ feeling down
Blue Blue Blue

Remember how bright my eyes were
When you met me

I told myself i would't
pen that name again
But we're on slurred terms now

you were nothing to save
you were nothing
Sabrina Aug 2015
The time for hiding is over.
Protect your family and your freedom .
   One whole country,
   one whole family.......
Which wound you choose Family or Freedom
let me now which one u will choose family or freedom
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