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 Mar 2017 Rukowski
pity girl
 Mar 2017 Rukowski
No one wants me in their life
They think im just a poor girl who want to balance her life with some money and popularity
But im not
I just need everyone now, in my life, by my side
I deserve that!
But no one thinks like i do
That hurts me a lot, and now im trying to think like they think.

Im just a pity girl
Pity girl who wants everyone in her life
Pity girl that thinks everyone like her
A pity girl who always got fake people showing fake love to her.
That last sentences in this poem got inspired by drake's song called fake love. And i like that song so much.
 Jan 2014 Rukowski
Steve D'Beard
the oil of the high grade pollen
coated in sticky honey-like crystals
old school wrap and a vaporizer
instills calm where there had been chaos
oh how the mighty have fallen

offers to go places
live music in an alleyway bar
cocktails till dawn
a rave under a motorway
the Sub Club for legendary libation
and mingle with familiar hazy faces

and yet,
he warms to the four walls of home
the symmetrical wooden rail border
the OCD driven picture placement
the videos in genre specific
alphabetical order

outside the city streets throng
stag-hen crews in costume
tourists off the beaten path
seeking the Water of Life
students drinking the bank of mum and dad dry
mid-week workers letting of class A steam
that for some is clearly too strong

the hordes
of bar ******
pimping their Versace
and Primark combo
any Glasgow bar
where looks could ****

bar telepathy
means he no longer
even has to speak
just have the fiber
to clear the bill

This he calls home.

— The End —