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Rukowski Jan 2014
Friendships change like the flows of a river
consuming elegant banks

Some last a lifetime.

Some fly past in five minutes
In a moment of panicky crisis
Or a glimpse at what might have,
if you had just grabbed.

friendships are never what you expect.

Most expect too much
some expect very little.

Friendships can be silent for years,
then come alive with the cacophony of a Blue whale breaching
mid Atlantic,
where only the swallows cast an ear

Other friendships crumble like the chimneys
and the coal mines of a long gone age.
Leaving only rubble and shrapnel to sift through.
In a bomb site of broken friends.

Sifting you acquire a filthy broken dolls head

It reminds you of a childhood
when futures were eternal
and friends were too.
Rukowski Jan 2014
better find another place to sleep
better find another place to dive down deep
gotta look for somethin that you want
gotta find that somethin that
you always got

better make yourself a feast
made up of the heads of all those beasts
that cut your heart and rip your tongue
that take it all and leave you none

when it all come down
you'll be around
when it all come down you will

better get yourself a gun
better make it quick 'cause here they come
don't look at me i'm standing back
whites of the eyes and then attack
and then attack
no turning back

better find another place to sleep
better find another place to dive down deep
Rukowski Jan 2014
when i get out we'll have a good night
when i get out i'll c u alright
it will all be different
you wont recognise
when i look in your eyes

when i get out everything will change
when i get out ill probably start actin strange
all those years spent dreamin of u
when i get out ma dreams are gonna come true

with you

Before I came in would you have loved me then?
Before I came in would you have been my girlfriend?
i like to think that if i had never ****** up
maybe you and me we could be

in love

i dont wanna go
revoke my parole
Rukowski Mar 2017
Sometimes you are like those lights...
The new ultra bright LED ones small but blindingly bright.
The ones they tell you to shine in the attackers face... to give you a few seconds advantage.
Sometimes you are like one of those knives...
All sharp and impossible to defend against like the one your brother had that day.
Sometimes you bleed like you are having a **** only louder and less controlled.

But your my brother.......

And this is Rock and Roll.
Rukowski Jan 2014
"It was the juggler who made it the end"
Said the clown as he held his sorrows down
"But it was me who made them laugh in the end
And he just juggled them around"

See them spin
watch them move so fast
throwing up the first one
caught the last
never know your future
till you know your past
and you'll all come down in the end

When the juggler met the clown
he washed his face right down
threw up his smile and he caught a fading frown
and the people didn't know
what was come or go
as he juggled their minds around

the juggler met his match when the joker came
he laughed so much he forgot his name
but the laughing stops when you feel the pain
and you'll all come down in the end
Rukowski Mar 2017
At one point there was some kind of house music playing.......
And as the beat slowed down
until it
finally stopped.
Then everything,
including me,
ceased to exist.
I told myself.
This time you’ve gone too far.
Rukowski Apr 2017
It's not working Paula hates,
It's her colleagues her supposed mates,
Who gather round the water cooler,
Pregnancy at 18 her choice,
***** *******.

Rip it out of her
And show her it
All ripped and wrong

Never mind darling

Never mind

There is always next time.

— The End —