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3.7k · Dec 2013
Rings of Saturn
ringyorm Dec 2013
Detatchment from the material,
worlds away,
on the rings of Saturn,
I sit and wonder why
I'm a process being computed through
an alien calculator,
calculus and quantum physics
dancing on the infinity loop
of fractal dreamsicle truths in the pineal
pinwheel of life
circling in the eyes of mother earth
3.2k · Dec 2013
Trumpet Laughter
ringyorm Dec 2013
play wild things
lie is waking
spirit is american
the book is beat
where is wonderland, Alice?
Jurassic period dinosaurs,
oven toasted humans,
plastic skeletons,
dancing to ska,
cupboards organize themselves,
toking indian hides
blaring chocolate chip trumpet solo
as the laughing sun, rises
pen stroke sun rays
into a rainbow bouquet
1.1k · Nov 2013
ringyorm Nov 2013
We bleed red rainbows,
for disbelief in the system of destroying ourselves
Delving out raw humor,
emotions into the void of unavoidance.
I was lost in a trance,
watching the fractals explode of the mirror,
of the reality we fight,
for no reason but to make sense of
the pentagram ***** staining my jacket|
with a memory.
I try to sweep that bittersweet memory,
off the foot of my bed,
to shed my cocoon of self loathing,
to become a mechanical butterflying by
the space time continuum,
of unconscious breath,
fogging the mirror,
watching yourself,
a fly on the wall whispered a secret,
rusting wings need
oil on the rig
before the dab hits the nail,
that memory before you hit the ground
820 · Jan 2014
White Void
ringyorm Jan 2014
Observation of the white void,
in the wrinkle of an ocean wave
unfocused mechanics of consciousness,
chaos funneling into the foreground of an intangible idea,
measuring brainwaves with fact versus fiction
love is the conductor of reality
473 · Dec 2013
thinking hurts
ringyorm Dec 2013
Venus fly trap,
chomp, chomp, chomp,
putrid pink stink,
melting mind,
left behind,
to warp into
a snake
eating its tail
387 · Jul 2017
Spiritual Passion
ringyorm Jul 2017
Our own souls solidified
You and I are one
ether bodies entwined
with purest love
You stained my heart
we are destined
never ending unfiltered truth
inhaling sensuality
we float into infinity
ringyorm Dec 2013
This pen is falling apart,
as my life is,
like ashes in the wind,
I hope to be turned back into,
the Earth again,
dirt, worms, and rocks
mean more to this world,
than my existence.
This pen is falling apart,
as am I
300 · Dec 2013
ringyorm Dec 2013
My indepth expression
is suppressed,
drugs posses,
my emotional memory
252 · Dec 2013
ringyorm Dec 2013
Gazing at me like he knows,
he could never love me

He says not now, not now
but he means not ever, not ever
I’ll wait forever,
for something,
that will never happen
I want to be enveloped,
in your arms
suspended in midair
a plummet into,
what I was avoiding
reality is frost bitten pavement,
for an instant,
my raw heart stops beating,
this pavements cold,
could I make myself a home
6 feet beneath

I do not belong
where my heart says I should be,
Alone I stand
there’s a bus headed nowhere
I hop on

She’s on her knees,
praying to the pavement.
I don’t wave,
I don’t look back.
that girl isn’t worth it.
231 · Jul 2017
ringyorm Jul 2017
Heart strings tearing
Rose petals fall to the floor
Death envelopes me
226 · Dec 2013
ringyorm Dec 2013
After all this time,
I can’t unwind.
My heart hurts
for you,
black n blue
I tread on
waiting for clarity,
take a hit,
it doesn’t exist.
I am alone
102 · Oct 2017
ringyorm Oct 2017
An apparition floats in the ether
Flirting with uncertainty
Fornicating with insanity
Dreams weaving spiderwebs
missed connections
The cerebral cortex is dead
Neurologic misconduct
The product of masterbatory philosophic ego
Circling the drain
Dark matter ***** its pistol
Currently the universal harmony is obsolete
Industrial jinx the Sphinx winks
Esoteric barbaric monkey race
Acrid acrobatics through semantics
Labrynth of foul play
The mind can't stray away
Meditate on the outer banks
Collective conscious cremating brain waves
the last microwave TV dinner
Enthroned on the last iceberg

— The End —