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Rickie Louis Jul 2019
Most relationships seem so lifeless, just floating along aimlessly. Down desolate mundane oceans. Destined to be consumed by the dark fridged depths we call love.
Rickie Louis Jun 2019
I don't know her
Only her name
A beautiful name
Like a precious stone

The nerve one must have
Even to speak it

Her beauty I must say
Truly unlike any other
If only I had the nerve
She may be flawed
But to me

She is certainly one of a kind
Free spirited
Curiously quiet
Only to spectate in wonder

From a distance

I wish I had the nerve
Not to capture or subdue
But to know her
Be more in her presence

Her smile
Even if not for me
Makes me smile too

To hear her laughter
Is like a treasure sought
Over and over

I wish I had the nerve
Rickie Louis Dec 2018
Curiously wide eyed,
flawlessly pale skinned,
mysteriously dark haired,
Rickie Louis Apr 2018
The times I miss you the most,
I rid myself quickly by remembering how you made me feel,
Despite my will for you and I,
You often made my heart run dry.
I've gone from darkness,
To light.
To flight.
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