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I hope you see my face someday
and know within my smile, the wrinkles on my eyes
still lingers the pain you left unresolved
and i hope you catch a glimpse of that flame
take it and let it consume you and burn you
with the guilt that you been ignoring all these years
I hope it wakes you up so you can finally learn
Why I am this way
You just opened a bad omen and now you can’t stop reading it till you reach its end

Living in a time where depression is a good reason to die
Soon you’ll only be able to talk to me through prayer

You know whats sad? Your laughing at me and mocking me. How could you overlook me? Why are you always going to count me out? You haven't even seen my best.

Is it kindness thats giving me the will to live?
To take away my own life
A life connected to all of those who love me
Is it mean to tear that all a part
Just because I'm dealing with a broken heart

Theres a dark man at your door and you don't know if you should answer it.
He spends his time inside your mind trying to give you reasons to die until you finally decide he's right, that's when the devil wins, when you become so fond of the idea of death because you feel like life isn't worth living
It's her 21st Birthday and she’s out with her "friends"
So the first shot was on the house tonight
She believes she’s tipsy but that's not what I heard when she called me that night
She is going to die on her way home tonight
Not even an Uber would have saved her life
From a drunk driver going down the wrong side
and only one witness makes it out alive
that was me, on the phone
I cried
How could something so cliché
end a life
If I am a joke to you
Then it won't be a problem if I walk away
I’m done entertaining you
And the idea of ever having you
I guess that was the true joke
One that still makes me laugh
A soldier like me
Can't show weakness
So I've been keepin ya a secret
Can't let the world know I have a weak spot
That the one thing that can destroy me is you
If they ever found you I don't know what I'd do
But i'll go through hell to protect you
I'll die over and over again just to hear you breathe
Because I would push past previous limits
At the cost to see you live
Sacrificing everything just to keep you
Putting it all on the line so I don't lose you
Faithful **** you hopeless
I found an opening
The nature of your flaw
Divine perfection
Ticking the connection
Can't reach me
It aint the distance
Its the reception
This is my world
And I'm kicking you out of it
Full of **** I'm about to flush you down
Trust me
Cause you can't be trusted
Ha, you got me ******
Ha, you think you fooled me
Na you're about to get schooled
When you receive a blessing
You don't go **** it up
But you go **** it up
Where are your blessings now
I can't help you so learn to help yourself
What was worth a lot to me is now chump change to me
Found out but you don't like the reaction
Good, this isn't for your liking
This is for me, all of this is for me
Cause I'm done doing for you
Nothing was coming back to me
So whats the use other than making you happy
Emotions steaming towards me down these train tracks
I guess life will never teach me
Cause I've never learned to quit
I still chase
I still hunt for that unforgettable face
Call me false
I've abandoned all honesty
And honestly I'm done
I couldn't be more disappointed
but this is your life and this is how you chose to live it
and I saw the look in her eyes
I could tell shes had better
So girl why are you wasting your time with me
So girl why'd you waste your breath on me
bet you thought you knew it all
bet you thought that I would fall
but thats not what you wanted at all
you can't deal with it because i'm different
you're beautiful but what does beauty have to do with this unrequited love
I loved who you were so I looked past the flaws
which made all the difference in the world
And through your eyes you've picked me apart
Like what I had to offer wasn't ideal to you
but thats not true because no matter what I do, I'll never be the one for you
this is my poem and not yours so don't try to point out any "mistakes"
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