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Maša Apr 2019
Us laying in grass,
Sun shining through pine trees,
The smell of resin overwhelming our senses,
Water splashing into the shore,
You hold my hand and I swore this is a dream to remember for sure.
Maša Dec 2018
That feeling, when you say goodbye and don’t look back not once nor twice,
it hurts it, is terrible
it is almost unbearable
when will you come back, I ask myself every day, but there is no answer, so I say,
once again I fell alone,
empty hole.
That tear that ran down my cheek,
cannot compare to how I’m weak,
trying to climb that brick wall I’ve made,
there’s no way around it,
I’ve fallen in deep that’s for sure,
I cannot and don’t wanna turn back at all,
cuz in your embrace is where I will go.
Maša Sep 2018
You make me feel like I’m in a warm bath…
and we said no forever,
but I wish to be in this bath till we grow old together,
get wrinkled from the water and love in our hearts,
I know this ain’t what you want but I hope it won’t rip us apart.
Maša Sep 2018
There is only 1 thing on this earth that represents hell.
My hate for you that is.
It's a sin says the man but to me its like a spell
Its bursting as flaming lava overflowing my body and soul.
Starting to blame everybody for what I've done behind 4 walls.
I know it isn't right I've heard it all before but at least I've got rid of this hate that I behold.
Maša Sep 2018
Rip your tights apart, cut your top in half, spray that cheap perfume, ready to get laid, all your bills are paid.
Maša Sep 2018
Hope the father has pity for our souls,
when young ones are dying quicker than the old.
What have we done and what have we not
to deserve mortality suffering and aught.
Someone tell us what’s important now,
before it’s too late for this world somehow.
Generations after generations
wondering about the future
but where there’s no actual care
there is no future, we’re left in despair.
Maša Sep 2018
There’s many errors in a human mind that’s why robots replace them from time to time, if we go on like that, family’s will die and children won’t get fed, what has happened to human minds they can go crazy from white screens sometimes.

— The End —