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 Feb 2020 Hope
 Feb 2020 Hope
Refection on nothing
But anxiety
Apparently, lately
having a mental illness is a thing
much more than i wanted
much more than i needed
Ive misplaced every downfall with you
I lately observe more than i need to know
Please stop asking questions
If you don't want the right answers
 Jun 2019 Hope
Self knowledge
 Jun 2019 Hope
Sometimes you need to look back
To see over your shoulder the past,
To remember what brought you luck
And what withered away so fast.

Sometimes you need to look foward
To see the paths that lays down,
To imagine your way even if it's hard
And to realise the happyness sound.

Sometimes you need to look in the mirror
To see your eyes and what's inside,
To learn what you became in life's scissors
And to face yourself with pride.

Sometimes you need to look at the one beside you
To know that he's the reflexion of yourself,
To feel the energy of the self truth
And to the voice of others to not be deaf.
~May the words always be by your side!~
 Apr 2019 Hope
Stained Glass
 Apr 2019 Hope
Stained Glass
The reason why I keep my feelings to myself,
is because I can't explain them.
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