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The winds,
the cyclones,
the glaciers of life...
in the cluster of day-to-day happenings...

Sun shines and Sun sets..
becoming a true friend
and a divine dictator

a super sarcasm..

for the Supreme has always pampered
and caressed my impermanence

with a hug so cozy and full of blissful silence..

making me realize..
the undefined in the crust of my abstract life..

-- Published and Copyright work by Rashmi Pitre
That all I had in my heart
Was all soft spoken by the art
It hurt me a bit as I looked at it
But it unfolded a picture I had truly never believed!
But I felt the warmth of her feelings
When my conscience hugged me a little
The blue face dipped in the universe of grief,
I thought would never come out of belief!
Abruptly it revealed to me,
        Everything was fair when you thought it correct!
And the fire below,
Reached the sky…
         That filled it with pure plums of hope!
Could you tell me…
“What the lady in the mirror had in real?”
A pessimist figure, An Optimist mind!
                                     Rashmi Pitre
                              (copyright n published poem)
I wrote this poem in 2004 when I saw something exceptional ! it strengthened my belief system .. Rashmi Pitre- Actress, Artist n a Poet

— The End —