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Rae La Dec 2014
I often wish that I had your hand to hold when I make cold trips through the blistering winds and I would complain to you about how cold my nose is, in hopes you'd offer to kiss me warmer. I would grip your hand tighter as I got colder, and snuggle into your shoulder hoping for a peck on the forehead and I'd kiss you too. All I actually want is you.
  Dec 2014 Rae La
Megan Grace
i have tried to build a home inside myself,
one of iron and molten lava and red hot
brick,  but you have snuck your way
through my sealant and made
yourself a space in the very
center of my being.
tonight is my birthday party
and you should be here.
  Nov 2014 Rae La
mark john junor
her eyes are oceans of silence
let me drift there for a lifetime of moments without care
let me know what its like to drown in sweet beauty
let me live the quiet life in her heart
and delve into the silken smooth wine of her voice
while i let her lips ****** me
why am i so lost without hope of her
why must i know this idyllic life in her arms
the sugar of her heart is salty and bittersweet
but oh to taste her presence
perfumed and subtle
soft skin
her eyes are an ocean of silence
bathe in her perfect perfections
lay in the cool waters of her sweet heart
live the quiet life of her
  Nov 2014 Rae La
mark john junor
we sit in quiet reflection
she reads her french romance novel
i do the times crossword
i pause to sneak furtive longing filled stares
my heart nibbling at her earlobes
the nape of her neck in the soft light
her perfume lightly on the air
the sound of her turning the pages
passage of time
as she shifts in her seat
she sips her tea in a dainty way
unaware i marvel at her very presence
the utter beauty of a woman reading
the sensual and lovely way she holds herself and the book
one hand casually playing with a lock of her hair
her moist lips moving as she reads
her form curled into the comfy chair
i love women
they are such beautifully mysterious creatures
they are the center of all wonderful dreams
so full of terrible mysteries
so full of such beautiful light
a woman reading in her comfy chair
is such a beautiful sensual thing
  Oct 2014 Rae La
She's an alphabet artist
she paints in words,

from a palette of adjectives,
nouns and verbs,

the landscape she finds
in the folds of her mind

she exhibits in volumes of verse.
  Oct 2014 Rae La
Tom Leveille
and i am eleven again
feeling like tomorrow
is a couple yesterday's ago
smothered in cayenne pepper
hot enough to take off taste buds
and tonight i am eating a meal
only worth burning
it tastes like my parents anniversary
it tastes like a zinfandel
left on the counter too long
it's a bad story, see
there's no silverware
'cause my mom sold it
to keep the lights on
and somewhere in heaven
somebody in a suit
doing commentary
on this fiasco
is telling someone else
in a suit that
"you have to eat love with your hands"
so we sit, four plates on the table
for the two of us
my brother's long gone
dad's even further away
& he's not the one who's buried
i carry both their names like anchors
that i cannot unmoor from
while she looks at the empty table
and says something about the news
she says something else
but she's not talking
we aren't proud of this, see
my dad likes to wax his car
he's proud of it
and my mom says
she sees a lot of him in my hands
says, i touch the things i find
like they didn't belong
to people sleeping in the ground
she says i touch photo albums
the same way-
you know,
i never used to believe
that history could repeat itself
not until i could
fast forward seventeen years
and still wake up to smoke alarms
how i would go into our kitchen
to find it empty
and the dinner smoldering
& my mother in her bedroom
looking through family photos
like it's a just another summer day
and the sirens are just the birds
i don't ask, i never say a word
in this moment
i am an archeologist
afraid to dig up the past
cause history repeats itself-
you see
my brother is dead
and my father is gone
they have been for some years now
and my mother
sometimes forgets
and sets their place at the table
like they're still here
and in the confusion
ends up ankle deep
in pictures of how it used to be
she let's dinner burn
and douses it in red pepper
hoping i won't know the difference
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