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To breathe without being strangled
To live without fearing life.
To think without judgment
To love without condition.
To give without asking
To care without getting hurt.
To dream without wondering
To smile without the tears.
I can't fix you,
So don't ask me now.
Wrecked and soaked in despair,
I'm broken beyond repair.
  Jun 2014 Putri Widma Maghfirah
"Are you afraid?"

Yes I am afraid.
I'm afraid of so much
like the endings to books,
actually loving someone,
having to tell my mother
what I am.

I'm afraid that my family
will hate me,
that my friends already
That everyone who sees me
labels me as
Miss Confused.

I'm afraid of death and life
and everything in between the
Maybe I'm afraid of myself
but I don't truly have
a clue.

I know I'm afraid of who I will
love one day.
What if they hate me now
or what if they think I'm weird?
What if it's the person I broke up
because I didn't love them

I'm afraid of a lot of things
and everyone knows it.
Because a world without
Is like a world without
It's unruly and unjust.
And you do stupid
things that can
get everyone

So I'm afraid of the alternative,
the thing I fear most
in this world.
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