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Delusional Minds Mar 2015
back as a beast that cracks in the heat,
tragedy feeds in the blackness of peace,
magnets and teeth keep me active, no sleep,
another chapter, it brings a masterful piece,

battered and shattered, broken and bruised,
disasters and laughter pried me open to truth,
world on a platter,
only for you,

came back to the call of a powerful addiction,
strain's coming outta the hole with a louder extension,
shape your mind to the mold of a cowards existence,
direct all the hate to the crows, controlling the crowds to the mountain of sickness,

shoot at the sky where your Jehovah resides,

staying alive with a sharper sixth sense,

back track on the road of a god and retrace all the missed steps,

broken inside, shed your skin again-
Delusional Minds Mar 2015
I wish I could leave the planet,
I wish I could fly,
cuz you can't see the madness,
with the naked eye,

I wouldn't hate to die,
and it kinda scares me,
walk into the fire,
without caring,

infinite emotions,
mixed into one,

embrace the cold wind,
live with the sun-
Delusional Minds Mar 2015
I don't hate the planet,
I despise the people that inhabit it,
Cuz I'm looking through their eyes and all that matters is how much cash you spend,
Or how much you make,
But it don't matter how much I hate the twisted ways of all this waste that's in this place,
Cuz either way, this life ain't how I imagined it,

I pray for disasters,
I hope that it shatters,
I'll watch your world crack while you drown in my laughter,
Cuz all this won't matter when it turns a new chapter,

You'll watch me on my mountain top watching all you cowards fall,
And I'll sound the song and pound the drums at God before I curse him for letting this go on this long,

Flip the world off while I watch the ground just drop from under yall,

Take my place as king at the side of the devil cuz he sung his song,

You can call me the son of God,

Dear world,
I hope you ****** rot-
Delusional Minds Mar 2015
How the **** I got here,
I still don't know,
reasons unexplained,
just let me go,
evil, it will reign,
looking through my eyes,
never be the same,
forced inside,

you bring me close to the edge,
and I keep on pushing,
now I know it's the end,
but I'll keep on searching,

you bring me close to the edge,
I am lost within time,
screaming voice in his head,
hear them talking in mine-
Delusional Minds Mar 2015
"So familiar and overwhelmingly warm,
This one, this form I hold now,
Embracing you, this reality here,
This one, this form I hold now, so,
Wide eyed and hopeful,
Wide eyed and hopefully wild,
We barely remember what came before this precious moment,
Choosing to be here right now,
Hold on, stay inside...
This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in...
This body makes me feel eternal,
All this pain is an illusion.."

~ Maynard James Keenan
Song~ parabola
Delusional Minds Mar 2015
I can't see you there but I feel you,
I know that you're near cuz I hear you,
I say i'm not scared but I fear you,
tell me to beware and I still do,

I feel you,
slowly burning me alive,
every exhale surfaced to the skin comes from deep inside,
I can feel you swimming in my mind torching both my eyes,
drilling in a little deeper every time,
feeling it subside just to come back full force and give a rattle to my life,

electric charges running through my body,
faces all around, I can hear em calling,
being hollowed out, now I think im falling,
dropped me underground so they can see me crawling
on broken knees-
Delusional Minds Mar 2015
Try to help everyone,
But I'm the one who's losing..
Almost ashamed to be a human...
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