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opposites attract
thank you Isaac Newton
but you were not my opposite
not my compliment
not my counterpart
you were me
in a boy's body
and I think
it got too painful
to watch myself drown
 Mar 2015 Delusional Minds
"The way I **** will leave you speechless,
stretched out in my sheets,
legs cringing,
body craving for more..."
She licked her lips and replied,
"Show me."
Ten thousand will die tonight
As they argue who is right
Endlessly, they **** and fight
Losing touch, and losing sight

"Farewell, my friend" I must say
As another loved one ships away
To fight a fight that has no sway
A pointless battle of sick decay

Two dead soldiers drop in dirt
Bullet holes all through their shirts
All are fighting, most are hurt
Nothing helps this, nothing works
I think it's time
I explore my twisted side
I've got my rope
I've got my knives
I'm going out
for a new thrill tonight
a little psychotic
morphed into a lot
now I'm going to use bodies
to leave my Mark
And it's a shame that
you've crossed my path
Now I'll grind your brains to paste
now like Jagger, I'll lay your soul to waste
Do not let the migrating soul
Capture the night
You are about to fall
Agree with all
Bemused and in awe
Harness all hate in a pocket
Through and through
In the sadness of my sleep
 Mar 2015 Delusional Minds
Shall I close my eyes tonight
The flowers enter mourning
I dreamt of tears flying from birds
And goats fleeing the pen

As I close my eyes tonight
I seek out the nightmares
Fright does not blind the eyes of forbidden anguish

As I close my eyes tonight i
Am you
And you are infinite in the reflection of every pond ocean lake mirror
For as my eyes close the reality is found
And the sun steps out from behind the cloud
 Mar 2015 Delusional Minds
The luminous look you give her, scalds my heart deeply
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