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Mar 2015
I don't hate the planet,
I despise the people that inhabit it,
Cuz I'm looking through their eyes and all that matters is how much cash you spend,
Or how much you make,
But it don't matter how much I hate the twisted ways of all this waste that's in this place,
Cuz either way, this life ain't how I imagined it,

I pray for disasters,
I hope that it shatters,
I'll watch your world crack while you drown in my laughter,
Cuz all this won't matter when it turns a new chapter,

You'll watch me on my mountain top watching all you cowards fall,
And I'll sound the song and pound the drums at God before I curse him for letting this go on this long,

Flip the world off while I watch the ground just drop from under yall,

Take my place as king at the side of the devil cuz he sung his song,

You can call me the son of God,

Dear world,
I hope you ****** rot-
Delusional Minds
Written by
Delusional Minds  Gastonia, North Carolina
(Gastonia, North Carolina)   
   ---, Brandy Nicole, DeadMan and lora
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