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Nov 2014
Oh my Captain , my Captain
Where is the gleam in your eye ?
Where is that sting
Whenever your colors fly

Where is that thirst
For adventure you sail
Where is that booming voice
Through oak will drive nail

Oh , my Captain
Where could you be
Thy gaze crosses
More than the sea

Where is the man
Who knows not any fears
Who's cheated death
All these long years

Come Captain
Where is thy cheer
We sail into eternity
The rest is unclear

Oh my Captain , my Captain
Why such a sad soul
It's treasure and loot
So much we have stole

Oh Master , my master
We are and can no more be
Like the birds
We are free as long as we breathe

Come Captain , my Captain
Give us command
Give ,"Aweigh all anchors."
Seek ye new harbors with warm golden sand
South by Southwest
Written by
South by Southwest  Trussville , Alabama
(Trussville , Alabama)   
       ---, Carrie Crusoe, ---, ---, PrttyBrd and 13 others
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