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  Jan 2017 Venusoul7
Who are these men and women
that move as the ends of earth--
raving stiff, sweet, bitter serums
of truth?
From their common manner a
prodigal bleeding has begun--
all the elements that eternally
knotted them now drain.
Their full significance squints
at its rise and shine, as meaning
is placed and trapdoors open.
  Jan 2017 Venusoul7
Her profile dared
the precipice of
the ages, with the
most vulnerable
One could see a
rain of saintly
hands touching her
As if to ask: are you
  Jan 2017 Venusoul7
You wear the path
that shook you,
in such a way that
all paths lead to you.
Knowing you can't
lose yourself anymore
than you did.
Heroine of your
implacable lot,
  Jan 2017 Venusoul7
Once  seen, there's
a  depth  of  beauty
one  never  recovers
­from... akin  to
the   swoon  of  an
aeonian  sun.
Whereupon  death  has­
no  name  to  take
in  vain.
  Jan 2017 Venusoul7
Your goodwill sent on an eternal path
-touched all hearts ever made
one thought in a universe of pain
-healed so much in its simple way
all those rippled ponds
-the gentle creation of a world of love
from the carpenters sweat working wood
-to hanging on the wood of the cross.
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