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Oct 2014
A stream pushed two sticks
up the river then twirled around
Finally settled down
on a hill looking over the valley

Up above a bird saw the sticks
decided that they would be
a great fit for her nest

Quickly she went down
Before any predator can
Grabbed them in her mouth
And away she flew

Back at her nest she had
two beautiful twins

The birdies opened their beacon
to receive the catch
The mom chirped and giggled
the sticks were
to fill a hole in the nest

The mom quickly filled the holes
and back into the sky she flew

The twin baby birds saw the sticks and mistakenly thought they were worms

They each grabbed one
with their beac and started to chew
till the juices came out

The sticks were
ripen twigs and tasty
They had been soaking
all night in a syrup
of a flower bed

When the mom came back there was
nothing left from the twigs
except the thorns

The mom laughed
and fed her twins
the tasty worms
she brought back!
Bassam A
Written by
Bassam A  On earth
(On earth)   
     ---, Bassam A, Anand, Amitav Radiance and SPT
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