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Aug 2014
he reeks of cigarette fumes, with unwashed hair that crooked smile you always fancied
while iย ย smelled like burnt pages of confessions & misery written in the early hours of dawn my morose thoughts spilled into a journal which i choose to douse with gasoline & ignite in my mother's kitchen sink; my face barely cracking a smile because i was to busy trying to calm my nerves whenever im with you the concept of ****** expression escaped from the threshold of my mind
yet ironically i find that the only thing that i could express is hatred towards my own self, by breaking my skin in halves it was the closest thing that comforts me next to your presence

oh i could almost hear theย ย flutters of butterfly in your tummy as you watches every word coming out of his mouth, while mine is full of rusting razors cutting through my insides as i attempt to swallow the pain of being in love with your bestfriend's girlfriend
izzat haziq
Written by
izzat haziq  borneo
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