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Jul 2014
They are our fathers,
Our freedom fighters,
Our Obama's,

Legends, representing from dangerous eras

Radical views coming through the radio,
Soldiers respond whipping up on Fela

Nelson reaches for freedom,
seducing souls like an acapella
Rebuilding community in a peace concert jamming to Marley
Dim Ojukwu waves the flag, a call to the Biafran army,
The King recites the dream to a million African souls in the rally
Malcolm raises a fist to the world, our time will not be buried.

In the struggle to change the status quo,
The fight to turn the table,
Against odds they were able
Will legends become myths and fable's?
Heroes, villains or rebels?
How they portray them,
Watch closely on the cable

To be number one becomes a dream
But who pulls the puppet dancing on the strings?

the media working on the mind,
Like a snakes charm in a seduction,
Venomous schemes to cover the deception,

Poverty, crime and death with no resurrection
Greed's the genesis of all corruption,
Where is our revolution?

From the birth of the king to his crucifixion.
Love and sacrifice are his religion.
Yet examples like him become outcasts before they realize their vision
Mr Jay
Written by
Mr Jay
   Salmabanu Hatim and Emma
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