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Jul 2014
Fear of unknowing
Is what consumes us today
Every little piece of knowledge we need
Is at our finger tips
Just ask Siri
Google it
Look it up

But we fear the unknown and never do anything about it
When people were unacquainted with the rest of the world
They sailed to find it

When people didn't know a word
they picked up a dictionary and found it

We fear that God exists or doesn't exist
In truth, we really don't know
We fear the unknown, so we pray to the unknown.

We are scared of the dark
Not seeing and knowing every dot of dust
Not knowing what may lurk

We don't know when the world will end
The idea that it could happen, but we don't know when scares us

It scares me, as I am no exception to this fear.

We don't know what will happen next

Maybe instead of fearing the unknown
We could find curiosity in it.
Something I've been thinking about.
I met a first love a few days ago, on vacation. He lives in Georgia, I live in Massachusetts. I don't know what's going to happen which scares me.
I think we will have to move on... which is undesirable, my parents probably won't let me see him again. Even though I've been texting him, I yearn for him to hold me in his arms again...
This unknowing is my fear.
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