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Jul 2014
Was this not what you wanted?

A sliver of hope--
Instead you ended by shivering out on that unsteady-tipping *****.

And for all those somethings, I hadn't  know,
well, I had to let them go.
Now I am, all alone.
But hey, it's not like you would've know--
Too lost to see through your own moats murky waters.

Was it One; Two; or Three;
Captured sirens swimming with you,
within your clouded judgement?

Or is it, One; Two; or Three;
Vile hags trampling with you,
within your undeserving life.

Are you feeling empty yet?
Or are you full of your lies?

It appeared to be a feast--
While in harsh reality, you were plucking at nothing...
Nothing except brittle bones.

Its all a shame,
for it was a dream spun upon spindle--
Lost in a cowards looping *****.

Was this not what you wanted?
          What a shame...
          What a shame...
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