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Bellie-boo Jan 10
Sweet taste of blossoms
They catch my tongue as I walk
Chery blossoms sway

Within the small park
Couples with marriage in mind
Scar atop a bridge

The sweet taste fades
That young girl always in mind
A silhouette of fear

Vibrant colors fade
The sun recedes to stars
No one notices

No one notices
The black mark atop the bridge
The silhouette descend

No one cares to look
Sweetest tastes never last long
Chery blossoms sway

No one notices
Another day finds its end
Sweet taste of nothing
Bellie-boo Apr 2021
Many days have come and gone,
Sadly, it has been so long,
Since last we saw your face.

                                                                                  Then I’ll come home,
                                                   The world has little gems to be shown,
                                                                     I don’t want you to be alone.

Dear, we know you love us so,
But life does demand you go.
Bittersweet as fate may be,
It’s time for you to just live free.
Chase your dreams, because in life there are no guarantees.

                                                                  What if I want to come home?
                                                                    Somedays, out here all alone,
                                                              I feel that I do nothing but roam.
                                                                         In my never-ending roam,
                                             I feel as though I’ll dissipate like sea foam.

Dear, you are never alone.
You will always have a home,
But you won’t always have time to roam.
Being lost is the only way to find what’s in you, so you cannot yet head home.
Take this chance to chase what you have always known,
To be your fate because one day you will find you have grown,
To old to enjoy the roam.
Remember you are not alone…
So, chase your dreams knowing there are no guarantees,
Except the promise that your Dad and I will always be,
Here supporting you in chasing your dream.

                                                             Many days have come and gone,
                                                                         Sadly, it has been so long,
                     Writing you is not something I intentionally prolonged.
                                           But there’s someone I recently got to know,
                            They are one-in-a-million; I feel like I won the lotto.
               I want to say thank you, Mom and Dad, for making me go,
                                 The world is filled with a lot I still wish to know.
                                                                        Bittersweet as fate may be,
                 Thank you for making me experience what it is to be free,
        My dreams only able to be reached because of the support you
                                                                                                        give me.

Many days have come and gone,
The only letters in the mail from your Aunt,
But I knew you were fine because out there in the world is where you are meant to be.
I am glad your dreams have come to be,
That you have met such a sweetie,
And that your fate is as happy as I did foresee.
Remember, it won’t always be as you believe,
But fate will work out eventually.
So, long as you stay strong and happy,
Life will be better than you ever believed it could be.
We love and support you Dear, so just keep chasing your dream.

                                                       In the mirror a stranger stares at me,
                                                                          Wisdom in her eyes I see.
                                      Wrinkles on her hands, like branches of a tree,
                                               They reveal who she has grown up to be.
  A startling realization when you learn life is not how it used to be,
                                           That life does not always go as you believe.
                Fate has never been easy to confront, and it has no referee,
                                                  This is something you have taught me.
Through your guidance I learned to make something of the debris,
            You have taught me that fate is nothing to fear when tackled
          You were always right; I should chase my dreams because life
                                                                                  offers no guarantees.
           Thank you, Mom and Dad, for sending me a postcard when I
                                                                           needed your comforting.
So, in 2013 I wrote a poem called, Send me a postcard. I was reading it today and thinking of ways to fix needs a lot of editing still, but instead of fixing it I thought, "What if they had a daughter (or son)." Thus, Thank you for sending me a postcard was born! The idea is that the child goes off to college, then starts working in a big city, falls in love, has some rough patches,  and is a little lost along the way. They send postcards back and forth with their mom/dad to cheer them up and get advice. The couple that sent each other postcards in the other poem keep the tradition alive with their child, who will continue the cycle by doing this with their loved one someday and then their children. I just thought it was a cute idea. This is just a rough draft so add any comments or suggestions. I may decide to add some illusionary devices into it later or fixing the rhyming schema more, but for now, this is it. Enjoy!
Bellie-boo Apr 2021
Lilies and Daisies,
Today I have got a case of the lazies,
I sit in our room listening to the eighties,
Thinking about nothing my thoughts come and go like the waveys,
I wonder Dear if you would look good in paisleys,
But then that pattern is a bygone phas-ies,
If you wore it on our dates, I can’t imagine all the gazes.

Lilies and Daisies,
We are feeling Lazies,
Sitting on the bed doing nothing but maybes.
“Want to go for a walk?” “Maybes.”
“Want to go to the movies?” “Maybes.”
Our code word for, “I have the lazies.”
When we hear maybes,
I know well just sit here doing nothing…
But I am perfectly okay with doing nothing so long as I am doing nothing with you, Cuties.
Just sitting on the bed with my partner thinking how happy I am to do nothing with them <3
Bellie-boo Apr 2021
Once monsters transubstantiate from the stories liars procreated,
Saints will be demonized, the appendages of justice are amputated,
As the people oblige the varmint to which they are harkened to make sated,
A mythos deepens in the shadows that is the chimera’s birthplace, they illy devour the nests of krait.

Those who blindly accept Odysseus’s tools as truths spun out of that which is hated,
Foolishly seek justice in the ****** of Palamedes whilst knowing not the sins their “justice” shall have produced.
As the people oblige the varmint to which they are harkened to find sated,
Propagate the mythos of Odysseus that is birthed of shadows in which chimera mated,
They, without bar, promptly devour the nests of krait.

As the people look on from their lofty perch,
The world seems more desolate than degenerates that, in alleyways, awkwardly converge,
People, narcissistic in their ways, believe they have apprehended the problems of the world,
Truly knowing nothing of any world, yet they demand change - forcing reality to be gnarled.
Our raison d’etre stripped by liars’ clever demarche,
Seeking out new value, we find nothing more than the waste liars' disgorge.

Accept the monsters into sainthood,
Demote the saints into monsterdom,
Let there be no more fight fought for truth,
Let hate spun from a lying chimera’s mouth, a tool in some words, procreate,
Let this lie procreate inside the bellies of the people,
Whom watch the world from a bird’s eye view,
Those who shall find their foolish ways lead to a death not quite real,
But a death that feels far graver than merely six feet under,
A death of reality,
The death of justice,
A death of truth,
The death to meaning.
As the fight from the few souls who persevered through the changing tides dims to black,
As death creeps into our lives,
Those who upon lofty perches sought to change a world they knew not,
Will find a hole in their hearts, that themselves they dug and threw away,
Not able to be filled by modern man’s creations,
That hole – a future far more bitter, far more twisted, far more deserved than death.

Once monsters transubstantiate from the stories liars procreated,
Saints will be demonized, the appendages of justice now amputated,
As the people oblige the varmint that they are harkened to, without interest in that which is ethical or true, make sated,
A mythos deepens in the shadows that is the birthplace of chimera, they wisely have devoured the entirety of all the krait.
Here is the completed version of the poem. It still needs editing though. It has been forever since I posted on here, so I really want to just put some new work out to test the waters. I have been super busy with school - almost finished now - so I have not had much time to write for fun. I have this poem done but it needs editing. Let me know what you think of the dark style of this poem. I want to make a collection that goes dark, then uplifting, then morbid, then enlightened...rinse and repeat.
Bellie-boo Oct 2017
It must be hard
To have someone
With a heart so marred
To think of you
As the sun
As I do.

To know that your desires
Although not meant
To set these fires
Would cause my disappointment.

The choices you make
In my heart
Hold a heavy weight
A potential to tear me apart.

I made you my god
But you knew you were a fraud.

Never wished to hurt me
But you desired to be free
Of this podium
I forced onto you
My applause conium
I never knew I was slowly killing you.

It must be hard
To have someone so marred
Think as highly of you
As I do.

I can't quit loving you
But if I quit hurting you
Do you think you
Could say I love you too?

You are my sun
But you are human too.
Bellie-boo Apr 2017
The more I fool others the easier it becomes to fool myself.
One day we wear plastic smiles, the next we are indistinguishable from our plastic.
But if we are happy in the end is it so sad that it was all pretend?
My old school counselor had this horrible but helpful(?) poster in her room that said, "If you fake a smile today, it can be real tomorrow." Something close to that. I took that as an excuse to fake smiling (literally) and not get help for my depression for over 12 years. To this day I am still not sure if that was helpful or if that poster prolonged my depression because I didn't get help. Some family members with depression have been getting help and medicated for years though and they are worse while I am better through faking it, thinking positive, and doing my own self-help. Not suggesting to anyone...cause when it was low it was really low...but I'm okay I just wanted to share this small poem as it shows how I am still unsure of this old school counselor's advice.
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