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Jun 2014
Dear.. Friend,
Well it's been a while since
I was the reason behind your smile
&It;'s been months since
That supposedly 'last song' i wrote you
It's been lonely nights and scary flashback rides,
Since our.. 'Supposedly' last goodbye
It's been weeks since
I found the courage to speak
Such truth from my... pen.
Yeah i froze when your eyes were there, in front of mine, so sweet.
Oh.. friend.
It's been years since
I felt any type of love and here
I found it, in your touch and in your grace
Forget me not, for all our days
They add up to an infinity +1
And my heart still lights up
When i see your face,
Even if it's being cherished by another's..

It's going to take a while,
Maybe weeks, months
Or if i'm lucky just days..
Not to forget you
But to let you
Be the happiest you can be,
Dancing in such a broken place

&In; an infinity -1 total of days,
You fell in love,
With someone who i hope;
Will always be the reason behind the smile on your face,
inspire your r'n'b driven songs
And will give you comfort so you'll never have lonely nights,

And when you close your eyes before you dream and flashback to how it used to be,
I hope you remember soft whispers;
'please don't give up, for me'

'Cause i never did, you see
You saved me.. from me.

In an infinity +1 total of days,
I fell in love with moments,
And this is 'supposedly' the last one i'll crave from you, ever
...Though that's a promise made to be broken :')
'Cause i want you forever.

I love you, forever

I love you
I love you

* Whispers * I'm so in love with you,
if only we could be
But hopefully 'forever' will pass
Just like our tiny infinity.. :(
Man what i'd give for her to read this
But i need to staahhp lol
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