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Jun 2014
Through a forest of evergreens, redwoods, and blooming lilies, growing oaks and trailing vines,
you took my hand and guided me through the wilderness;
picking berries and placing them upon my tongue between each kiss, you were everything I had dreamed of.

And as you drew your sword and I bare your witness we braved the mystical creatures with eyes of stone and heads of bats, hands of knives and teeth of silver.
Upon discovering a place to sleep, we found our blanket beneath the stars that moved about the sky in such a way that wasn't natural, but yet it provided the perfect light so that we could gaze deep,
ever so deep into one another's eyes as we became one in our body and minds.

When the sun had risen, we traveled some more, your smile planting roses upon my cheek. I have no desire to be anywhere else in this world at this very moment, sanity is something I shall no longer seek.
We are soon falling.
Between the trees and evergreens and crushing the lilies and berries and seeding bees and soon we found ourselves battered upon a beach.
I am slightly bruised upon my face, you kiss my wounds and they go away. I see diamonds about.. diamonds in the sand. When I glance at your open scars, I immediately realize the true delicacy you are; for your blood is made of the finest jewels, and I now had a lot of protecting to do!

In the distance we see a castle so very high, touching the sun and kissing the sky.
"How do we get there, what do we do?" I am worried and afraid, for we have come so far to have lost our way.
You chopped down every palm and built us a boat. You took the string from your clothing to provide us the rope. My Prince charming you, this castle shall be ours, and we will live in royalty.

As we set sail beneath the sky so bright, you kiss my neck, and you bite my skin, and you promise to never leave me. My existence gives in to yours and I invite you in, not caring who is watching.
And when we are through my smile is wide as the ocean, and your veins sparkle, reflecting the water so blue.
Our perfect sail quickly turned into a raging night as a terrible storm rocked our boat into crashing tides.
Rocking waves and lightening strikes I scream for you in deepest fright, you take my hand and say "It's going to be alright!"
We are thrown down into the ocean of tears, the one that had been cursed by so many fears.
I am slipping.
I am slipping away.
Everything is  f a d i n g
f a d i n g

I awaken.
Face up on the boat, everything has gone black.
Though I see a glistening, and it's beautiful and it's you, and you smile.
"Let us continue my love, there is no looking back."
I am currently reading a book titled "Splintered" by A.G. Howard. It is a gothic modern twist to Alice in Wonderland. I dreamt this scenario (inspired by the book), and it was a dear friend that was with me. I had to pay credit where its due!

(C) Maxwell 2014
Stephanie Lynn
Written by
Stephanie Lynn  Illinois
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