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Jun 2014
All the times that I cried,
I thought of you
But now, I'm not crying
I can't cry anymore

You're at my feet
Begging me please
    What am I supposed to do,
    when the very words I whimpered, and you ignored,
    come in sobs out of you?
I don't give you the privilege of being ignored
Because I've been ignored for years
No, I don't ignore you

I simply smile, but you'll see the visions in my eyes;
The visions of your future,
and my past, all because
You ignored my pleas

How could I possibly ignore
the person that's kept me up at night?
Who I can never seem to forget?
That has made a mess of my life?
That ruins every happy moment of my life?

I smile, but not like how you smiled at me
There's not enough evil in my bones
to pull off a smile that devious

I hope my smile makes you understand the extent
of what happens because you choose to
ignore teary-eyed pleas from a little girl in a tent

You don't ignore her cries
You stop
You should have stopped
Why didn't you stop
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