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May 2014
It’s cold outside and the leaves have taken refuge in the tall untrimmed grass. Night comes quicker and the sun works part-time these days. Inside, the three brothers fluctuate the heat just enough to stay warm and keep their wallets trimmed at the same time. They were running around finalizing the last parts of The Holiday. The Holiday fell on a Wednesday and they were ready for the best time of the year.

6:29 PM was what the time read on every clock with the exception of the clock in the bathroom which ran ahead 4 minutes to ensure promptness. They would be here in seconds. With last mirror checks they ran to the living room awaiting the knocks on the door.


PM Only one knock came through from result of the eagerness of the eldest, two young ladies walked through one after the other. Hugs were given all around but kisses only exchanged between 4. It was time to leave but one guest was still missing.

6:42 PM

five are in attendance awaiting the sixth, four of them restless and the other worried. Figuring a reasonable amount of time has passed since call number 2 he then redials the phone contact, “My Love” and puts the phone to his ear. On the other end a cell phone is ringing somewhere with the caller ID “Him <3” but again no answer. Pacing the room now brother 2 of 3 is beginning to lose composure despite the comforting words of his 4 companions. Prepping to call again, his phone rings and is answered before the melody on his phone began. It was her.

Gleaming with relief and joy number 2 answers with a bright and hopeful, “hello” followed by a confused, “Yes I am.” His brothers and their beautifully dressed guests watch hopelessly as they realize it’s not who it is supposed to be. The phone now away from his face the receiver is asking in the room if he was still on the line. Sinking to the earth but caught by the floor he dropped the phone.

6:53 PM

Eleven minutes later they arrived at the scene of the accident ... Glass sparkles from a mixture of the newly fallen snow and the lights from the emergency sirens. Running toward the stretcher where she laid lifeless the downcast officer tried to restrain the inconsolable young man. When he reached her he grabbed her hand repeatedly saying her name and imploring her to come back. it was when he began kissing her bloodied and torn hands that they lost him forever. Kissing her hand in hopes to revive his lost love did he then come upon the diamond engagement ring he given her the day before, only hours prior to the last time he would have heard her say I love you, or anything for that matter.

As the man hit the ground his brothers were there immediately at his side as they watched the ambulance drive off, taking her further and further away from him on the last holiday he would ever remember.

6:59 PM
Marquis Hardy
Written by
Marquis Hardy  Peachtree Corners, GA
(Peachtree Corners, GA)   
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