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May 2014
Right now, my cranium is spacing out
My brain is racing up and down and
I'm left pacing like I saw an alien in a nightgown
Man I can't really write right rite right now so
I'm hoping this'll flow
Maybe later still able to kiss and ***** the flames at the tip of a missile toe
And Ms., miss it won't if you don't spit it slow
Oh you know
This is so that it'll go and blow
Grow, explode the mind
And then it glows
For sure, no lie

I'm a show-off to get the mind out the gutter
Up and out, now it's not about some snuffing out or really a ruffling bluff-like fisticuffs to handcuffs riff-raff fluff about my rugged Scruff McGruff tuff scuffed-up stuff with a huff and puffed-up "ruff! ruff!" buff enough rough and tough mudder style but
Somewhat it's done out of love for even the loudest mouth out there somewhere, somehow

So someday in someway to someplace
I'll send your message in my package and pass it
Over and out
Ground control and the days are long so
I have the gift just to give the shout-outs
Yeah before it's gone, oh
Over and out

He might be a writer and he can't even hide it be-
Cause communication's the communion, union of the unified nations
Relationships and maybe even sensationalism
But hatred rests in a safe the dangerous once made
While a good intention not to mention is
A common premise in this mix we try to fix
And then we pray
But in games we trust because
We think it's made for us for fun and
And what we crave, nuh-uh yuh-huh
Uh-uh, uh-huh

So sometime for somebody, somewhen for someone or something
I'm sending my message, my package I'm passing it
Over and out
Ground control and the days are long
So I have a gift, oh to give my shout-outs yeah before they're gone
Over and out

Now let us get some shut-eye so
This introvert can shut-up, oh
Over and out
Who wrote it right on time about how

Somedeal and somewise it's this diss-functional brain of mine
My pen's pensive motor-mouth is left rightly in its creative state of sane now I'm
In between and staying safely stable
Without withering within her ring somewhither with his SAM-wise fable
And that my baby is what I call in-sane
Able to lay it on our table when
We're stripped bare to the underwear with
Our ways and our whereabouts on paper, amen
From an omen of ol' men
Over and out, send
Criss Jami
Written by
Criss Jami  Washington, D.C.
(Washington, D.C.)   
   Lana and ---
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