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Mar 2014
Darkness creeps up in the crimson
Dyed room in shades of blue black
I still hear his sultry voice
Echoing in the back of my mind
"Well, No" was deafening
And my heart sunk at the sound
Of those two simple words

Perhaps the torrential rain
Will erode the predicaments that have Accumulated in the
Depths of my internal

A flash of lightning lightens
The room and the pungent odor
Of history lingers like stale potatoes

A happy, but blurry past
Buried under a thick foliage of Tears re-surfaces and my heart
Sinks even more deeper

My night full of confusion,
The whirlwind of thoughts
Impairing my mind,
Words that escaped his lips
Are the eye of Tropical Cyclones
Cascading down on me.
An indecent dream flares out like Petals of wild flower,
And eyes once starry
Now bleed black ink tears.

Fear remains, as it always does
When lightning bolts blend in
With the wails of a broken heart
And my walls are crumbling down
You ask a guy if he ever felt anything for you and he says
"Well, no" , shoulda plucked his eye ***** out when I had the chance :-)
******* disgusting!!!
purple orchid
Written by
purple orchid  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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