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Nov 2021
what are you doing? darling,
how are your thoughts, but your words? today
I have a word with you, just one word, and not an ordinary one,
but a human one, like a confession, darling, let's better forgive ourselves,
wild days, no matter how hard we try we won't stop them,
we stand face to face (we can't forgive each other backward)
we can't afford to be the dwarfs in words,
nor hiding in thoughts guarded by saints,
let's  face God and bow our heads in comforting looks
we forget that we have knees, - only earth, a lot of earth,
a lot of earth under our feet and touch, - fingers touch, eyes touch, lips,
let's spread our wings,

We're flying, you'll see, I won't think about where you are or who I'm with,
think about it, if we forgive ourselves now everything will remain the same,
we will love each other innocently, like two children: with our eyes, our thoughts, our dreams,
heartbeats, tender smile, hand touch, we will love playing
I will not get sick of you and you will not get sick of me
you won't forget the flowers at the florist,
and the sun will rise only for the sunflowers

the earth will not shake underneath
think about it, if we forgive ourselves now, it will be just the two of us
among love in between loves, among feelings in between feelings
holding hands like two wise man&woman,
we will reach the time that was not born or passed,
better let's forgive ourselves now
we forgive ourselves as two sincere elders before dying
Maria Mitea
Written by
Maria Mitea
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