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Jan 2021
the words sound strange coming out of my mouth and out into my dark room where i look at myself and try to move on. “i’ll love you forever stranger” i say to my reflection as though i am actually talking to the stranger i see in my dreams at night. the stranger that looks so familiar, but i know is not the same. “i’ll love you forever stranger” not because i am in love with this stranger, but rather he holds a piece of my heart forever. “i’ll love you forever stranger” i say this with sorrow because i know i will never get to say it to his face. that stranger that i used to know. the stranger i used to laugh with. the stranger with the lips i used to kiss. “i’ll love you forever stranger,” i say because it is the only thing that is bringing me comfort with the fact that i will never get to know him again. the stranger i used to know so well, he became a stranger that started ripping my heart into pieces and leaving me to clean it up. “i’ll love you forever stranger” i say, because i know in my heart that the person i fell in love with does not exist anymore.
i think this is one of my favorite poems, i would love some feedback if possible!
Written by
Natalie Gallegos
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