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i live my life knowing that i am truly the only one of my kind.
that the trees sway in the breeze only when i walk by
that the ground bends at the touch of my foot
i know for a fact the water crashing at the shore is controlled by my mood
and the sun greets me when my eyes open
only to mourn me when my head hits the pillow.
the air parts like a curtain as i move
and every blink causes the world to turn
the animals all whisper as i pass
astonished by me
their one true creator.
Natalie Gallegos Jan 2021
the words sound strange coming out of my mouth and out into my dark room where i look at myself and try to move on. “i’ll love you forever stranger” i say to my reflection as though i am actually talking to the stranger i see in my dreams at night. the stranger that looks so familiar, but i know is not the same. “i’ll love you forever stranger” not because i am in love with this stranger, but rather he holds a piece of my heart forever. “i’ll love you forever stranger” i say this with sorrow because i know i will never get to say it to his face. that stranger that i used to know. the stranger i used to laugh with. the stranger with the lips i used to kiss. “i’ll love you forever stranger,” i say because it is the only thing that is bringing me comfort with the fact that i will never get to know him again. the stranger i used to know so well, he became a stranger that started ripping my heart into pieces and leaving me to clean it up. “i’ll love you forever stranger” i say, because i know in my heart that the person i fell in love with does not exist anymore.
i think this is one of my favorite poems, i would love some feedback if possible!
Natalie Gallegos Nov 2020
our love is so strong
we said it would last forever
and we were right
at least that’s how i imagined it

soulmates that were not meant to be
the cry from above as angels cried at our part
hoping pure love will one day reconnect
but it won’t. never.
its hard to let go of someone that you feel you were meant to be with
Nov 2020 · 154
forbidden love
Natalie Gallegos Nov 2020
your gaze. so loving.
your touch. so gentle.
your smile. so happy.
your love. so selfless.
the way you always know what i’m thinking.
the way you hold me tighter in the morning when you have to go.
the way we have conversations with just our eyes.
the way you rock me when we hug.
the way you love me is so right.
but so wrong
because you... are hers.
Nov 2020 · 238
i know, i sound selfish
Natalie Gallegos Nov 2020
i know we’re just friends
i KNOW that.
but... what if?
what if suddenly our hugs turned into kisses?
what if our midnight meetings meant something more?
what if i told you how i felt?
and what if you felt the same?
would you break her heart? or mine?
hey, i’m new so i would love some feedback :)

— The End —