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Sep 23
welcome to the funeral
the funeral of our love
it was a tragic and painful scene
like when a little puppy that comes under a speeding truck
whimpering and crying under all the weight
slowly crushing to it’s end

you don’t want to leave, do you?
all you can say now is that you’re sorry
but how can i stay when i see the casket that lays right in front of me
one that doesn’t even deserve the red roses i loved so much
it wasn’t the roses that were dear to me, it was the feeling of joy that filled me when you gave them to me
“when did it all go so wrong?” you ask
“i don’t know” i say
but it’s a lie. i know exactly when
it died when you spent your hours with her more than you did with me
it died when you laughed on her jokes more than you did on mine
it died when you misused my trust
it died when you kissed her just like you used to kiss me

and here i am, today
visiting the grave again and again
i can’t help myself, can i?
after all, it seems that i’m the only one who mourns our loss
Written by
Dhanya Chawla
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