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Aug 11
With the screaming in my ears and the thuds, I can feel through these cheap floorboards but it’s the best we Can afford. Is there a stop to this meaningless pain he feels like inflicting?

How much more can you take?

I asked as her children are sobbing for there mom to be safe and okay yet I hear no answer as I hear you fall one gets brave and run toward the door of the crime and gets pushed down and made fun of cause

"he’s annoying"

they said as well did everyone so he became more silent even though he might have been one of the smartest there. 6-year-old who was slower than the other kids but got made fun of by his stepdad for
not being able to say what he needed

when yelled at frozen in fear he wouldn’t move scared for something to happen to him

now the only thing they have is the scars and trauma for back then but I can't get over it
I lived with this for years but they are doing better I can infer that much but I'm glad that it's over for them. if you are experiencing anything like this please call 1−800−799−7233 the national domestic abuse hotline the victim cant always do it so unlike me please try to help
Preston Reid
Written by
Preston Reid  M/Oregon
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